The journey of our Coconut water begins at a quality-controlled, contract farm in Thailand where our coconut experts spend up to 3 years nurturing all the coconut trees before they are ready to produce the fragrance coconuts. They then wait patiently for the baby fragrance coconuts to mature into perfection at the age of 120 days old before carefully handpicking them. With the long-awaited day being over, our coconut experts are more than excited to process the fresh and tender coconut water from inside the young green fragrance coconuts in the same day after they are being handpicked from the coconut trees. The glass bottling process then begins in highly clean facilities where internationalstandards are met to ensure that we will deliver just the perfect Cocowater for you! All of our Cocowater purely comes from natural coconut juice and never from concentrated coconut juice or powder.

For Exotic Water, our concerns are not limited to providing you with the best possible products to enhance your health but they also extend to the world in which we are living in. This is why we choose to use glass bottles for all our Exotic Water products! Not only do glass bottles allow more ease in the recycling process, they also do not affect the structure of the environment by their chemical composition like plastic bottles do. More importantly, glass has the purity of structure that makes any interaction with stored liquid impossible. Therefore, by using glass bottles we can ensure you that you will receive 100% benefits from our Exotic Water products without contamination from the packaging process. Best for you, and also best for our world!

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